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How do I register to play on
To open an account you must fill out an application, IRS Form W-9 and submit copies of at least two (2) forms of proper identification to verify your age, social security number, and residency in the state of Catskill OTB. How to open an account all text should be here or reference to cms


What are the system requirements to use
This site is designed to work with Internet Explorer version 6 or greater, Firefox version 2.0, and Safari version 2.0.

Your screen resolution should be set to 800 by 600 or greater. When using the video console or wager pager, you are best viewing the site with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 or greater.

How do I change my screen resolution?
Click on the "Start" menu, then click on "Settings", now click on "Control Panel". When the control panel window opens, double click on "Display". That will bring up the "Display Properties" window. Click on the tab that says "Settings". There will be a little slide bar towards the bottom, on the right. It will have a number under it, which controls the screen sizing (display screen). Slide the bar to the right, until the number is 800 by 600 or greater. For ideal video quality set your screen resolution to 1024 by 768. After you choose your setting, click 'OK'. Once the setting is changed, you should be ready to bet.
Is your site secure?
When you log into the application, your account number, PIN, and zip are all transmitted securely because this is your confidential and personal account information. This information is sent to and stored on our server with a session identifier number. After logging in, the actual betting and information pages are done outside of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so that the application can run efficiently. The session identifier number is linked to your bets in this application rather than your confidential account information. When you place a bet, it is transmitted along with a session identifier. When it reaches our server it uses the session identifier to match your bets to your account information, which you had previously transmitted securely. Because the server does all of this removed from visibility to the Internet, and within the server side of the application, your confidential information is well protected from the outside world. We found this secure and insecure page mix gave us the best performance while maintaining your account security.
Where can I find the Technical support or help when I'm having a problem?
Click here for contact information.


What if I make a mistake when entering my bet?
If you have not pressed the PLACE WAGER button, you can simply click the START OVER button to clear your current bet.
When betting on-line, how do I know if the bet has been accepted?
When you click on CONFIRM a wager receipt will provide you with a TICKET ID which identifies your transaction. You also have the option to go to STATEMENTS and review your last transactions.
How do I get video?
On the left side, click the VIDEO button. Clicking on the button will bring up a page with the available live video. Race replays are also accessible with this button under a separate tab. You will need the current version of Windows Media Player to access this video. We have the capability of streaming up to two (2) simultaneous racetracks at any one time.
How can I see results, scratches and changes?
While logged in, select a track to view the race card. Above the race card, select the CHANGES tab. This will display the current scratches and changes.
How can I make a Deposit or a Withdrawal from my Account?
Minimum opening deposits are $50 and deposits can be made with cash, check, deposit, wire transfer or credit card. Click here for more information on Deposits. Withdrawals can be made on-track or via check request or wire transfer. Click here for more information.
Is my Catskill OTB Wagering Account only good for Internet Wagering?
No. Once your account is activated you can use funds in your account at any self-service machine, TINY TIM or hand-held device at any Catskill OTB locations, on the Internet at and when activated, our IVR and voice activated telephone wagering system at 1-888-INTERBETS.
What Tracks Can I Wager On?
Simulcast signal currently being offered will be offered for wagering through While logged in, tracks available will be listed on the right side under Thoroughbred or Harness.
What Handicapping information is available for on-line users?
Catskill OTB Account Wagering has partnered with several information sources to provide account holders with programs and handicapping information for both Thoroughbred and Harness Racing. Click here for more information.
Why are certain wagering amounts unacceptable?
Minimum wagers for all bets are determined by the host tracks. Maximum individual wagers are set at $250, except for Trifecta and Superfecta boxes and Pick 4 wagers ($10 maximum) and Pick 6 wagers ($2 maximum).
How does the LOCK and UNLOCK POSITION work on the wager pad?
The wager pad has been updated to move as you scroll down the page. This feature was added to make the wager pad easier to access as players use the Racecard, Changes, Odds Board, and Handicapping Data tools.
The wager pad defaults to a locked position. The padlock icon Padlock shows closed. To allow the wager pad to move up and down the screen as you scroll, click on Unlock Position. You are allowed to lock and unlock the wager pad at any position on the page.

V75 AND V64

What are V75 and V64?
V75 and V64 are exotic wagers on Swedish trotting races where bettors try to pick the winning horses in multiple races. In V75, bettors win by selecting the winning horse in 7 races. Bettors win consolation prizes for selecting 6 or 5 winning horses. In V64, bettors win for selecting the winning horse in 6, 5 or 4 races. This is how the wagers got their names: Victory in 7 to 5 races (V75) and Victory in 6 to 4 races (V64).
Why are the average pool sizes so large?
V75 and V64 are extremely popular bets in Europe and so the average weekly pool sizes are among the largest in the world: $11 million for V75 and $2.5 million for V64.
When do the V75 and V64 pools carryover to create a jackpot?
A carryover jackpot occurs when no one selects all 7 winners in V75 or all 6 winners in V64 or if the payouts for the consolation prizes in V75 are $1 or less or 50 cents or less in V64.
What is the minimum wager amount?
The minimum wager for V64 is 20 cents and 10 cents for V75.
When does wagering open?
Monday for V64. Wednesday for V75.
When does wagering close?
Wednesday at 1 p.m. (EST) for V64 and Saturday at 8 a.m. (EST) for V75.
When is Post Time?
Wednesday at 1 p.m. (EST) for V64 and Saturday at 8 a.m. (EST) for V75.
What happens if there is a late scratch?
The bettor will automatically receive a replacement runner from the substitution list. Go to for more details on this list or any other questions you may have about these new wagers!